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Sparrow Applebaum is a newly minted graduate, still getting used to this whole “independence” thing. She met her roommate Bianca in college, where they bonded over their shared love of certain TV shows. Between the two of them, Sparrow considers Bianca to be the nice one.

She was raised by a single mother, who eventually married when Sparrow was twelve. Her initial conception was with the help of a sperm donor. This fact is completely irrelevant to the plot and will never come up again.

Age: 22
Identities: Lesbian, Jew-ish, geek, FSMist
Home: Boston area, MA
Job: Political intern, then StuffMart floor associate
Likes: Cats, pie, Doctor Who, arguing about politics
Dislikes: Dogs, people who are wrong about politics

Bianca Washington is Sparrow’s fellow graduate and current roommate. They were college roommates too, where Sparrow helped Bianca through a severe sophomore-year depression.

Thoughtful, empathetic, generally cheerful, about everything from pets to anime to karaoke at the local drag club. Prone to sparkling at people to get them to share her enthusiasm.

On the other hand, she’s more than capable of letting things get her down. Responsibilities have a way of weighing on her, and now that she’s Patrick’s Master, she has those in spades.

Age: 22
Identities: Bisexual, strong black woman, ex-Methodist, otaku
Home: Boston area, MA
Job: Library assistant
Likes: Animals, drag, cosplay, Sailor Moon, having a girlfriend
Dislikes: Insomnia, that thing that happened sophomore year

Patrick ran away from his last Master after treatment he desperately doesn’t want to talk about, which also left him twitchy, moody, anxious, and cross.

Or maybe he was like that originally. It’s hard to tell.

He was taken in by Sparrow and Bianca while in his puppy form, and allowed to stay on the condition that he let Bianca become his new Master.

Claims to be a fantastic fighter. His actual record of victories is pretty even.

Human form: White male young adult
Animal form: Dog
Master: Bianca
Likes: Fighting, the way Sparrow smells
Dislikes: His previous Master, being alone

Miranda Lake has a classy sense of fashion, a ridiculous amount of money, and a penchant for lurking in graveyards. She’s been keeping an eye on Patrick, whose previous Master was her father.

Parents never married; she was raised by her mother Jessica Lake, and wasn’t in touch with her father at all, until he took her in after her mother’s death. They have a…tumultuous relationship.

She’s a prodigy at manipulating the underlying forces that control Beings. Also, teleportation. Combine that with her childhood love of Pokémon, and she’s a great prospect to run the Cohen Being Research division.

Age: 19
Identities: Straight?, race: human, lurker
Home: Somewhere in Boston
Job: Student, then Head of Being Research
Likes: Gothic literature, anime/manga, complicated hairstyles
Dislikes: Feeling abandoned

Poe lurks with Miranda, when he’s not spying on Patrick on her behalf. He’s calm and reassuring when she’s angry and overwhelmed.

Also, handsome. Since Miranda doesn’t like people knowing she has a Being, he spends a lot of time posing as her boyfriend.

Moving on two legs doesn’t agree with him: if there’s something around that can be tripped over, don’t count on him remaining upright.
His past Masters include Mr. Jesse Riverton and an enslaved woman named Hannah. His names under past Masters include Lydia Ann and Mr. Jesse Riverton.

Human form: Black male young adult
Animal form: Raven
Master: Miranda
Likes: Flying, doing Miranda’s hair
Dislikes: Walking

Timothy Mattei administers the local branch of a Catholic hunger-relief charity by day, and does karaoke under the name Camellia at night.

She was raised by her brother Emir in an apocalyptic Being-centric cult. After his death, she shook off the last of the cult’s dogma and struck out on her own…and the Being came with her.

He’s accustomed to answering to either pronoun, but please don’t use “she” while he’s at work.

Age: 28
Identities: Catholic, Turkish-American, female-attracted, functionally bigender
Home: South Shore area, MA
Job: Charity administrator
Likes: Helping people, singing, flowers
Dislikes: Mixing his job with her social life

Reseda combines a healthy vault of curiosity about all things with a snarky sense of distance from them. While most Beings are strongly attached to the present moment, she has a talent for taking the long view of things.

Brother AlvahShe was previously known as Lily, and her Master, Brother Alvah, was a cult leader who believed Beings to be nephilim: the children of humans and angels. Timothy had a bit of a crush on the delicate, reserved, feminine Lily; when she Contracted with him, he needed a bro rather than a girlfriend, which led to the form Reseda uses now.

Human form: White female young adult
Animal form: Cat
Master: Timothy
Likes: Fighting, flowers
Dislikes: Transphobia, boredom

Cybele is a Being whose animal form is that of a pink rabbit. This makes it somewhat hard for her to scare people.

Her normal human form is an adorable young girl, although she’ll take all kinds of forms as disguises or to carry out specific tasks — including doing impressions of pop stars.

The cuteness makes it easy to overlook how alert, savvy, and quick-thinking she is. She’ll spot and dodge any trap, and is good at improvising new strategies on-the-fly. It isn’t that she knows more than Bennett — she’s just better at putting the information together in useful ways. (And it doesn’t hurt that he frequently doesn’t want to think about things he knows.)
Her Master originally hid his identity with a ski mask, at which time his unfortunate choice of hoodie earned him the nickname Nevada-san.

(One of her past Masters was George Washington. How times change.)

Human form: Adorable young black girl
Animal form: Rabbit
Master: Arthur Bennett
Likes: Singing, dancing, anything pink, cookies
Dislikes: Cages

Arthur Bennett
Arthur Bennett is a conservative politician who isn’t thrilled about Beings. Or anyone else, really.

Naturally he has a Being of his own, and used her to secretly wreak havoc, creating support for his security policies. It’s gotten him tangled up in the schemes of both Ann Walker and Stu Cohen. It’s also gotten him and Cohen into an awkward…let’s say friendship. Bennett’s poorly-planned flailing and Cohen’s heavy drinking lead to both of them knowing enough of the other’s secrets that they might as well give in and trust each other.

Age: 43
Identities: Real AmericanTM
Home: Western Massachusetts
Job: U.S. Representative (R-MA), then TV pundit
Likes: Tax cuts, America, flag pins
Dislikes: Social services, most Americans, dealing with kids

Jany Balachandran
Jany Balachandran is the youngest Being-owner on record. She’s tough, a hard worker, and idealistic — sometimes .

At fifteen she inherited Kara Lynn from her paternal grandmother, Haseena, who lived with the family while she was growing up. At seventeen she found out how her parents were using Kara Lynn to get extra money, and left home, camping out at the flat of her older brother Naresh.

Her big plans to visit the US for a major anime con were fraught with mistakes, wrong assumptions, and jet lag. Later she gets pulled into Ann Walker’s orbit, which puts an end to her financial worries, but gives her a lot of new ones.

Age: 17
Identities: British-Asian Muslim otaku lesbian
Home: Woking, England, United Kingdom
Job: Student, part-time shop worker, then Walker Industries test subject
Likes: Dragons, anime, girls in pretty dresses, making out with Kara Lynn
Dislikes: Secrets, con lines, thinking about kinks

Kara Lynn
Kara Lynn in her larger forms has been mistaken for a dragon. Over the centuries and various Masters she’s managed to serve from Britain to India and back again.

She’s quiet, highly responsive to orders, and at one point didn’t show a lot of initiative when things go wrong. Since resolving the issue with her mysterious freezing-up blank-outs, she’s gotten a little more animated in general.

And even early on, she’s the one who kissed Jany first.

Human form: East-Asian-ish young woman (unless something else is requested…)
Animal form: Lizard (iguana, chameleon, etc)
Master: Jany Balachandran
Likes: Dancing, acrobatics, cuddling with Jany
Dislikes: Upsetting Jany, her mysterious blank-outs

Ann Walker
Ann Walker runs her own business conglomerate and does experiments with Beings on the side. Like Miranda, she’s keeping track of them for her own purposes. Unlike Miranda, she’s keeping at least one of them prisoner.

p-oliverObtained her Being by convincing its former Master, Frederick Oliver, that she would make good use of one.

Age: A lady never tells
Identities: Legally blind, confirmed bachelorette, part of the 1%
Home: Chicago
Job: CEO of Walker International
Likes: Technology, cats, money
Dislikes: Her rival at Cohen Broadcasting, bad web accessibility

Ann's Being
Oh, and then there’s her Being — Blake.

Human form: Whatever Ann needs at the moment
Animal form: Big Cat That’s Not A Lion (i.e.: tiger, leopard, jaguar, cougar)
Master: Ann Walker
Likes: Stripes, pleasing Ann
Dislikes: ???

Mr. CohenMr. Cohen runs his own media empire and does experiments with Beings on the side.

He also does magic. No big deal.

Age: 52
Identities: Jewish, eligible bachelor, part of the 1%
Home: At least four, not counting vacation properties
Job: Founder and CEO of Cohen Broadcasting
Likes: Alcohol, linguistics, Being research
Dislikes: Accidentally learning things man was not meant to know

Representative Karen Park

Karen Park is a politician, and Master of the Bear.

Has a bit of a rivalry with Bennett, and a longstanding battle arrangement with Walker. Left her office to spend more time with her family, and/or the Game.

Age: 63
Identities: Korean-American, grandmother
Home: Eastern Massachusetts
Job: U.S. Representative (D-MA), now retired
Likes: Being fights, her grandchildren, sun bears
Dislikes: Political obstructionists, surprises

Cub is never far from Park’s side. Sometimes in bear form, which can be disorienting on the streets of DC.

Rarely talks. His human form is modeled on a teacher who once bullied a young Park, and she finds it very fulfilling to see him silenced.

Human form: Adult white male
Animal form: Polar bear
Master: Karen Park
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???