PSA #1: United States residents! Contact Congress and urge them to stop the Internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA. Although they were conceived to fight digital piracy, their overreach is serious and threatening to online discourse in general.

PSA #2: If you’re at all into WWII films or action movies, make plans to see Red Tails, opening this Friday.

It’s the first such movie with a majority-black cast, and George Lucas himself had to fight for years just to get it made. Your support will improve the odds that smaller-name projects with lots of nonwhite characters — like, say, a certain webcomic — can ever get a faithful adaptation.

(The next day.)

Patrick: Hmph.

Shamila: Patrick! It is you, yes? The boy who speaks like a native but reads more slowly than my mother? Come along! You are going to be late for class. Unless you have decided to stop?

Patrick: I can’t just decide to stop.

Shamila: Ah! How very admirable of you. What was your first language, if I may ask? Or was it English?

Patrick: No. But I’ve spoken English for a long time. It was years ago that I moved here.

Shamila: Ah. That’s how it is with my nephews. One day I will get them interested in the language of their family, insha’Allah.

I hope you are able to do the same.

Patrick: إن شاء الله