Bennett: With all due respect, Ms. Walker . . . either you’re unfamiliar with my politics, or you are deliberately making a mockery of them. A proud conservative would never ask the government to subject sapient creatures to potential torture for the sake of experiments. Not even the wishy-washy science-loving types among us would put up with that! That sort of disgraceful, unregulated conduct —

— should be left in the capable hands of the free market! I never propose additional government spending on anything, this included! After all, what was this great nation built on, if not the power of business to act without fear of government strangling —

Walker: Okay, you’ve swayed me!

Bennett: . . . Really?

Walker: Yes, most definitely. I look forward to a bill that puts those rights where they belong — in the hands of private enterprise.

(Labels for Walker: Big Business Owner; Experiments On Beings)

Bennett: . . . Oh. Yes, you would, wouldn’t you.

. . . Not that it matters to me, but doesn’t it bother you at all to say things like this? With your Being right next to you?

Walker’s Being: Why should it? It isn’t as if my Master is going to break the law. Or do anything else to put me in danger.