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Bennett (thinking): . . . I think I handled that pretty well.

Walker (memory): Pleasure talking with you, Congressman! I’ll be sure to tell my friends what a good ally you are to business!

Bennett (thinking): Now all I have to do is propose the amendment, then find a way to weasel out of it. Say . . . cut a deal allowing the Democrats to vote it down, on condition that I don’t have to change anything else.

. . . if I can convince the public that its loss would be a huge sacrifice.

When Cohen visits, maybe I can talk him into “accidentally” letting Cybele go free? . . . What am I thinking? He’ll be right there beside Walker, bidding for the right to hang on to her.

Imaginary Cybele: Don’t lose hope, sir! You can figure something out!

Bennett (thinking): And what if I can’t, Imaginary Cybele? What then?

Imaginary Cybele: I dunno! That’s up to you!

Bennett (thinking): Even in my subconscious, she’s completely unhelpful!

Stupid brat . . . Why did she have to go and get kidnapped? Why couldn’t she have escaped to come home and be unhelpful in person? Now I’m going to have to spend this whole committee meeting worrying about her, and it’s all her fault . . .