Yes, the previous page was an April Fool’s Day offering. This is the actual start of chapter 11!


Sparrow: Yes, a UK-to-US outlet adapter.

Here. Go charge your phone and see if you can rebook your flight. And don’t cry about it, okay?


Bianca: Cold, cold, cold . . .

Phew! We made it.

Sparrow: Bee! Over here. Conference-of-war time.

Bianca: Patrick, can you keep yourself busy for a while?

Patrick: Yes, Master.

Sparrow: So the airline will let us rebook for free, but they’re not putting us up for the night.

Bianca: Oh dear.

Sparrow: Your family lives a couple of train stops away, don’t they? Can we crash with them until tomorrow?

Bianca: We can’t stay with my family tonight for the same reason we couldn’t stay with them these past few days. Grammy would never put up with strange lesbians. She barely puts up with me.