Sparrow: Well, that’s no problem! We can stay here another night. Can’t we?

Bianca: . . . Sure. I didn’t budget for this, but as long as we can put it on your card . . .

I’ll pay you back as soon as I can.

Sparrow: Oh, of course! Don’t even worry about it!

Jany: We have a seat on a flight tomorrow! Now, how do I tell them what hotel room to reimburse me for . . . ?


Kara Lynn: What are you doing?

Patrick: Keeping myself busy.

Sparrow: Listen, Bee, if you want me to cover the whole thing–

Bianca: No! I’ll be fine, I swear. Just feeling pretty stupid that I wasted any money on happy cupcake earrings.

Sparrow: Okay. I can renew the room alone, so if there’s anywhere you or Patrick want to go, feel free to take off . . .

. . . or Patrick can just vanish. That’s cool too.