Walker: Would I be correct in saying that money is tight for you right now?

Jany: Well, yeah. So thank you again for this trip! It’s like a paid holiday.

Walker: Indeed . . . Of course, it isn’t just a holiday. You’re being compensated for the help you and your Being are giving me in my research. And it would help all the more if you were available to do this on a . . . long-term basis. So, Jany . . .

How would you like a job?


Bianca: . . . Are you hiding in a pillow fort?

Sparrow: Yes. Yes, Bianca, I am. I looked back and counted up all the jobs I’ve applied for and didn’t get. It’s almost a hundred!

What am I doing wrong? I have a good education, I’m not picky . . . I’d even take a job as an evil minion at this point!

Bianca: I don’t think that’s a thing, Sparrow.

Chapter 15 ~ End