Starting to wonder if I should change “updates at noon, M/W/F” to “updates whenever the darn page gets done, M/W/F.”

(In the interests of self-defense, yesterday and today I’ve actually been sick. Called my boss this morning to tell her I couldn’t make it in, and my voice was almost gone, so after hearing about two lines she went “Make yourself some hot tea and go back to bed!”)


Cohen: Of course, if I managed to create a Being but missed the prohibition on harming humans . . . that would be bad. Even if it only had a fraction of your raw strength, the thing that’s really scary about you is that you don’t have any weaknesses. You can be hurt or slowed down, but I haven’t found anything that you can’t come back from.

Patrick? You usually relax on the couch in dog form. Why the change?

Patrick: My dog form still hasn’t grown back all its limbs yet.

Cohen: Oh, right. Forgot I did that.

Patrick: I can switch anyway, if you want . . .

Cohen: No, this is fine.

. . . Why do you look sad? You aren’t supposed to get sad.

Patrick: I feel better now that you’re back!

Cohen: Seriously? I was just in the shower . . . Geez, you really are a dog, aren’t you?