Meanwhile, one floor down . . .

Roommate 1: Nobody mess up the room or do anything to bother the staff, got it? They mostly turn a blind eye because cons are good business, but technically they could kick us out for having eight people in a room. There might be drama if they find out about the lizard, too.

Roommate 2: We agree that wheelchair-girl gets half the bed, right? Want to arm-wrestle for the other half?

Roommate 3: I brought a sleeping bag, I’ll be fine.

Jany: Anyone who votes to let me have the bed, I will say whatever you want . . . in a real British accent.

Roomate 4: Vote to let me have the bed, and I’ll say whatever in real Japanese.

Roomate 5: I vote Japanese!

Roommate 2: Sorry, lizard girl.

Kara Lynn: Are you sure this is okay, Master?

Jany: Eh . . . at least it’s more comfortable than my brother’s couch.

Friday: Con Day #1.

Kara Lynn: That isn’t how your name is spelled. Is it?

Jany: It’s my screen name. So the Internet people we’re meeting up with can recognize me. Ooh, aren’t you adorable!

Kara Lynn: You think my normal form is sexier. I can tell.

Jany: Yes . . . but sometimes I just want you to be cute.