Unicorn girl: I know! You’re talking about auras! I can see them sometimes if I concentrate really hard!


What color is mine?

Patrick: I d-don’t know! Human-colored!

Patrick (thinking): On second thought, maybe these kids understand as much as they need to.

Let’s check in with Bianca.

Panelist: You all know the phrase, so let’s say it all together–

Crowd, including Bianca: Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!

How about Sparrow?

Sparrow: Is that . . . a Dalek plushie? Want!!

Score! I must’ve stuck this $20 in my wallet and forgot about it!

Patrick’s doing well too.

Goth girl: You’ve been pretty cool, Patrick. Can we stay in touch online? Do you have a FuzzyArt account?

Patrick: I don’t know what that is. My Master uses JournalPress, though . . .

Tina: Yay!

Dotan: We’ll give you our usernames, and she can help you look us up!