Aww, look at all this heterosexual representation. Between these two and Ann Walker yesterday, we’ve fulfilled our quota of straight people for this comic, and will never have to show any more again. (Don’t forget to show your appreciation with a vote!)


Dotan: Tina, I have a confession to make. The Dog has inspired me to take more pride in my identity, so . . .

I am not an otherkin! I am only a furry. I find NSFW anthro wolves to be very attractive, but I do not identify as one!

Tina: Dotan, I don’t understand . . . Why would you lie about something so important?

Dotan: Because you are a very pretty girl and I wanted to spend time with you!

Both: . . .

Tina: D-does that mean you would want to go out with me? You don’t mind that it would be . . . interspecies?