Cohen: . . . as long as we can come up with a plausible way to sneak you out of here. You’re useless to me if the public gets the idea I let you go.

Cybele: How’s this sound for a plan? Wait a few weeks, then put out a release . . .

. . . saying you found a way to kill Beings. And you’re not sharing it, because you’re afraid people would abuse it . . . but you know for sure that it works.

Cohen: Do you realize that “a way to kill Beings” is the subject of Walker’s latest secret research? . . . No, I guess you wouldn’t, given the whole “secret” part.

Cybele: Even better! You want to find out how well she’s spying on you, right?

So, give her some bait she won’t be able to resist! If she gets desperate enough, she might cut corners — and get that much easier to catch in the act.

Cohen: And even if not, the search could keep her distracted from the really dangerous projects I’m working on. Yes . . . I can see it.

Bennett: Oh, good! That puts you one step ahead of Walker already.