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Hannah: You say he fall through the ice. How deep?

Lydia Ann: Too deep to find.

Hannah: Good.

Your name ain’t Lydia Ann no more. It’s Jesse Riverton.

Lydia Ann Jesse: Yes, Master.

Hannah: Change form.

Jesse: Understood.

Samuel: Hannah?! Baby, this ain’t natural!

Hannah: She ain’t natural to begin with, Samuel! Now run an’ fetch yo’ coat.

Jesse, you take him to the big house. Act the part of that ol’ Master. Kiss the chil’ren, wish the Missus a Merry Christmas. Then order Samuel back to the colored folks’ cabins with all the food he can hold. That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow, we see to buyin’ back Jeb an’ Naomi.

Jesse: That’s a complicated order, Master. Thank you.

(1829 – End)