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Chapter 1
How Can You Resist Those Eyes?

(B&W, 32 pages, $6.99)

Meet the heroes. Get swayed by the big watery puppy-dog eyes. Make an ambiguous contract. Featuring four pages of extra content, plus bonus doodles under every strip.

“It’s exactly this kind of blatant, emotionally manipulative propaganda that encourages PETA to keep hassling me.”
—Ash Ketchum

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Chapter 2
They Didn’t Cover This In Class

(B&W, 32 pages, $6.99)

“Wait, is Patrick really going to shapeshift into a pony? I’ll start buying this as soon as some ponies appear.”
—Every brony ever

“It’s the scariest horror story I’ve ever read. All the books got checked out of the library?! Oh, and some other stuff happens too.”
—Yomiko Readman

“Eh. I’ve seen scarier.”
—Tim the Enchanter

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Chapter 3
A Camellia By Any Other Name

(B&W, 32 pages, $5.99 through Amazon)

“This won’t end well. Cat spirits are bad news. Fox spirits, on the other hand….”
—Uzumaki Naruto

“Stupid Timothy. It’s not like she’s following you because she likes you, or anything.”
—Asuka Langley Soryu

“Eh. I’ve seen worse homages.”
—Tenjou Utena

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Also With Illustration By The Artist

Emeralds: Hearts in Oz

The Wizard of Oz sequel you never knew you always wanted. Dorothy’s a witch in training, the Patchwork Girl is a ninja, and the yuri subtext isn’t just subtext anymore.

Story by Jer Alford; art by Erin Ptah.

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Issue 1 (B&W, 32 pages, $4.00)


The Create A Comic Project

Based on the comic-writing program of the same name, which provides fun and useful tools to build language skills for children and ESL students. The CCP’s comics are designed to work for educators in the classroom, and contain information that any cartoonist can use.

Scripts by John Baird; art by various artists, including Erin Ptah.

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Issue 1 (B&W, 50 pages, multiple artists, $7.50)
Issue 2 (B&W, 48 pages, $7.50)
The Can of Inspiration (B&W, 32 pages, $7.00)